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Sean Bahmani

Sean Bahmani

“After years of experience in Management, Quality systems, and Construction, I decided to build my own company to provide the highest level of quality in service for my clients and their needs. I created SHAMAIM to be a resource for those who want to enjoy building their dream place with someone whom they can trust, someone who has the same level of care for their property”

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Space optimization is our specialty! We’ll employ clever design tricks like strategic placement of mirrors, open shelving, and walk-in showers to maximize the perceived space in your Newmarket bathroom. We can also suggest space-saving fixtures like corner vanities and floating shelves to increase functionality without sacrificing comfort.

Beyond the standard subway tiles and chrome finishes, we can introduce fresh and personalized touches to your space. Think spa-inspired walk-in showers with rainfall features, hidden storage solutions behind mirrors, statement vanities made from reclaimed wood, or heated towel racks for added comfort. We’ll help you create a bathroom that reflects your individual style and stands out from the crowd.

Shamaim believes in inclusive design. We can incorporate elements like wider doorways, grab bars near showers and toilets, and curbless showers to ensure your Newmarket bathroom is accessible and comfortable for everyone who uses it.

Smart technology is transforming bathrooms! We can integrate features like voice-controlled lighting, smart mirrors with weather and news updates, and even app-controlled showers and thermostats. These features can add convenience, luxury, and even energy efficiency to your Newmarket bathroom.

Upgrading your bathroom is a wise investment! We can suggest improvements that enhance both the function and aesthetics of your space, while keeping Newmarket’s real estate market trends in mind. We can recommend features like walk-in showers, soaking tubs, and heated floors that are popular with homebuyers and maximize your return on investment.

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