Project Management

We at SHAMAIM Homes believe that meeting the high standards for technical quality, being creative in problem-solving, and professionalism are the most basic requirements for providing an effective relationship with the entire construction team. This won’t happen unless the project management team has a thorough understanding of the regulatory, technical, financial, and scheduling goals of the project.

SHAMAIM Homes Professional Consultants are there to guide our clients through every single step that must be taken in the building process. We will consult you on your initial request, and we will plan the rest according to our standard procedure. We will help you with our time-saving/ budget-saving ideas and solutions. At SHAMAIM Homes, we will bring all the information together to assess the project toward building your space and getting approval for it. In addition, we will facilitate, prepare and submit the permit application on our client’s behalf.

Our Services include

  • Architect/Engineer Design
  • Site Assessments
  • Cost Management
  • Construction Bid Evaluation
  • Change Order Reviews
  • Project Scheduling
  • Performance & Productivity Assessments